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it all started with a text...

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In 2013, Robin Wehl Martin received a text from Molly Moon's husband, Zack, sparking a delightful partnership in the form of a neighborhood cookie bakery.

Robin, known for her delectable baked goods, caught Molly's attention with her cookies made with eggs from Molly and Zack's chickens.

Robin's reputation on Capitol Hill for delicious treats was well-established, with accolades like winning top honors in bake-offs and "Overall Awesomeness" at pie competitions. The demand for her cookies grew, prompting Robin and her husband, Clay, to transition from a home kitchen to a retail storefront with Molly's encouragement in late 2013.

Since then, Hello Robin has been dedicated to crafting daily, ambitious cookies and signature creations like the "Mackles'more." They offer a variety of cookie flavors, including gluten-free and vegan options, making them a Seattle favorite for cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

Hello Robin expanded with a second shop in University Village in 2020 and now offers frozen bake-at-home cookie dough at local markets.

See what a morning at hello robin looks like

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